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Hogwarts Legacy

AAA 3rd-person open-world ARPG based on the Harry Potter IP

Avalanche Software | Designer

7-Month Contractor collaborating with level and systems designers. I tracked, organized and placed collectible resources in the open world to support player progression and game flow

I also supported combat designers through the implementation and upkeep of enemy behaviors and open-world camps

* Not everything in gameplay trailer represents my work

HogwartsLegacyMoonstones (1).png

When I first started work on Hogwarts Legacy, some moonstone crystals had already been placed, but their placement was haphazard and done more as a placeholder than actual design.


My first task was to find and calculate existing numbers of crystals and compare them to the design goals of the game. Using internal databases and other tools, I compiled my findings into the spreadsheet below to coordinate with other designers. I found that some areas were close to the game’s design goals for moonstone crystal numbers, but many areas had less than half of the requirement.

My next task was to correct and adjust the placement of existing crystals to improve readability, player navigation, and the enjoyment of finding and collecting moonstone. This effort required knowledge of the open world and of common player pathing through it. I moved crystals out of roads and placed them in better positions, fixed placement that had overlapping collisions that prevented players from breaking the crystals, and overall adjusted crystal placement to make them more visually readable and appealing.


After I finished this, I added additional crystals to the game in the areas where I had found they were lacking.

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