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Game Jams and Competitions

HackUSU 2022

Project Name: AI-Adrenaline Instinct

This game placed 1st in the AI & Machine Learning category. It was made in 24 hours by a team of two.

The goal of this project was to leverage neural networks in a game to maximize player engagement and dynamically scale the game's difficulty.


We built a simple game and trained a neural network to throw obstacles in such a way that the player is moving often but is rarely hit. 

GitHub Repo:

Gamecraft Game Jam 2021

Project Name: Forever Falling

The purpose of this project was to expand our knowledge of the Unity engine.

This game was made in 48 hours by a team of 2.

This game jam project was one of my first explorations into the Unity game engine. As the timeline for this project was so short, I had to quickly learn various features of the engine and incorporate them into our game:

  • Unity Canvas, including displaying/updating text and timers based on in-game events

  • The basics of 3D physics in Unity

  • Constraining movement of 3D objects (locking the yaw of the main platform so that it would not rotate and obstruct the camera)

  • Handling in-game events with triggers and hit boxes

  • Handling player input

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